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Developers, take control of your mobile data network

mokanix offers you better coverage, more control and embedded security, all with easy-to-start pricing for your IoT device or smartphone

From launch we offer REST APIs which allow you to control individual SIM bandwidth, allow or disallow specific IP addresses/URLs and look-up cell tower location. Coupled with basic SIM operations such as suspend/resume, reset data connection and send SMS give developers the tools they need to build solutions to meet customer requirements.

Built for developers developing globally

Get realtime information about your SIM cards whilst making the most of our multi-network SIMs allowing you to deploy solutions worldwide without the worry of finding connectivity.

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Why developers love mokanix

Always available connectivity

mokanix gives you access to more than one mobile network from a single SIM card. Having zero coverage bars becomes a thing of the past for always-on applications

Gain control with powerful APIs

mokanix gives you unique network-layer control over your data sessions so you can protect your assets and control your costs

Build and develop without hassle

Integrate external triggers to mokanix APIs to build truly dynamic services. You can rest assured that VPN security is readily available too

Stay up to date with mokanix

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