No. We have spoken to Hammerhead to tell them how much we love Karoo and we use mokanix SIMs in our Karoos but mokanix is not associated with Hammerhead in any way. To learn more about mokanix please visit our website: https://mokanix.io
There’s no catch to this free trial. We are funding the cost of providing the SIM and the ongoing mobile data costs. All we ask for is a small payment to help us with shipping. We will not ask for any bank details or credit card information so you can be sure there is no cost to you. We do need one favour from you though please. Software updates and map downloads are VERY big and will cost us a lot of money if you download them over cellular. Please do us a favour and use wifi for those. mokanix has the ability to block these large downloads on a commercial release but we haven’t added this function to trial SIMs. It’s easy to enable/disable cellular on a Karoo, just swipe down from the top on any screen and hit the cellular data icon. We have set aside a pool of data for all the Karoo trial users to use, if someone uses too much it will just stop the trial for the rest of the participants for the rest of the month and we can suspend individual SIMs easily so please play nice!
We are bike-mad Karoo owners too. We want to see if we can put together a Karoo-specific offering to Hammerhead owners: we would love to do that with Hammerhead but we might go it alone. As we purchase mobile data in bulk we can package up an offering however we like: a small all-you-can-eat monthly fee or micropayment per ride. We would love to know what you think would be best too! Let us know: support@mokanix.io We might send you some online surveys to fill out to help us with our research, thanks in advance for your help with this.
We would love you to tell your friends (especially other Karoo owners) about the trial but we also want Hammerhead to know how much you want a dedicated SIM for your computer. If you get a chance please give us a shout out on social media (Facebook or Twitter) tagging both us (@mokanixapi) and Hammerhead (@hammerheadrides).
Absolutely not. We are only interested in monitoring your usage (how many MB of data you consume). One of the great features of mokanix is that we can ping you SIM to find out the location of the cell tower you are connected to (so we could get some idea of where you are) but we do not have GPS location or anything like that so all we know about you is the information you send us to claim your SIM.
Absolutely. We do not pass on your personal information to any third party for any purpose whatsoever. You can read more about our privacy policy on our website: https://mokanix.io
Honestly, we aren’t sure. It’s likely to run as a free trial until at least September 2019 so (assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere) you get a full summer to use your free SIM. We will let you know in advance if we plan to start charging and, of course, you can remove your mokanix SIM at any time. We will never ask for it back.
As this is a free trial we have to economise on shipping a little. SIMs sadly often go missing in the mail, especially when we have to put a customs label on the package. If you don’t receive your SIM within two weeks from your request, feel free to let us know (support@mokanix.io) and we will try sending you another one
First thing you have to do is tell us you have received it: a quick email to support@mokanix.io will do. This is because we ship the SIMs deactivated to ensure they aren’t used by someone who has intercepted it in the mail. Next you will need to install your SIM, it’s a bit fiddly but there’s some help here: https://support.hammerhead.io/hc/en-us/articles/360002970273-Installing-a-SIM-card Finally, you will need to configure your Karoo to use the SIM. In the Settings, Cellular Data menu:
  • Cellular Data must be ON
  • Data roaming must be ON
In the Settings, Cellular Data, Access Point Names menu you will need to add a new access point:
  • Name mokanix
  • APN mokanix
No other settings are necessary. Hammerhead provide a guide to setting APN but screens have changed a lot since this was provided: https://support.hammerhead.io/hc/en-us/articles/360002913013-Compatible-SIM-Cards If you need any help with this please let us know, we are here to help: support@mokanix.io
mokanix SIMs are pretty special: they support more than one operator in most countries and will connect to whichever provides the strongest signal. This is great for a Karoo which is travelling around as, even in remote areas, you should find a mobile operator to connect to while you are riding. If you have specific queries about your country, feel free to contact us (support@mokanix.io) or you can check the Zone 1 (Global) coverage on our website: https://mokanix.io/
Absolutely, please do! mokanix SIMs offer global coverage and we are happy for you to ride freely across country borders where legal to do so!
See #2 above, please just use this SIM in your Karoo for tracking your rides. If you want a SIM for another purpose, especially something in the area of IoT where our unique network-layer control APIs add significant value then we would to talk to you. You can book a call to speak to us direct using Calendly (https://calendly.com/callmokanix) or just buy what you need from our online store: https://mokanix.io/shop
Feel free to contact us at any time, we would love to hear from you: support@mokanix.io
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Unfortunately we have reached capacity for our free mokanix trial for Karoo users. Thank you to everyone who has been actively testing our connectivity with their Karoo Device and thank you for being interested in our connectivity.

Enhance your Karoo with a mokanix SIM

Unfortunately we have reached capacity for our free mokanix trial for Karoo users. Thank you to everyone who has been actively testing our connectivity with their Karoo Device and thank you for being interested in our connectivity.

If you still wish to use our multi network SIMs in your Karoo you can purchase a SIM through our store.

If you wish to find out more about the mokanix karoo trial please contact support@mokanix.io