SIMs for Energy Monitoring

Four Energy Parts

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring is a growing industry and it is improving energy spending across the world, especially in public environments. As part of green policies and reducing spending on energy local city officials are looking towards dynamic energy monitoring to more efficiently manage their spending. With any remote monitoring system connectivity is required.

This is where mokanix SIMs come in, enabling remote sensors and monitoring systems to relay information back from the edge to the cloud for processing. Through sending important data such as energy usage back to the cloud from a remote sensor you can make smart decisions about energy usage drastically reduce carbon footprints and save millions in the process.

Data from the edge to the cloud

As with any remote monitoring system data often needs to be relayed back to the cloud from the edge. Depending on the environment and system set up connectivity back to the cloud can be difficult to arrange. Simply use mokanix SIMs to connect your edge devices to the cloud and manage their data usage within one account and operate of multiple networks.

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