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5 Ways to Implement Advanced M2M SIM Management

12th October 2018

Adding an M2M (machine-to-machine) SIM card to your devices can add a valuable layer of control and increase automation in countless scenarios. The increasing need for Internet-connected devices with the convenience of readily-available cellular data is increasing day-by-day with increasing corporate pressure to improve processes and energy efficiency.

Using standard consumer SIMs, although they often work well, will bring some challenges:

  • Unplanned over-usage can be extremely costly
  • SIM management, even if your SIMs come from only one provider, can be a hassle
  • Coverage can be unpredictable

M2M SIMs address many of these challenges and we have added a lot more when we built mokanix. We offer our customers:

  • M2M SIM management in one portal
  • Global Multi-network Coverage
  • Aggregated Cost effective data plans
  • Programmable APIs to build even more complex management routines

There are many providers that match this functionality. M2M SIM management should be easy, M2M SIMs should have aggregated data to share across your network and constant coverage is key to building a reliable network. But what is the power of programmable APIs?  How are they relevant to your project?


Using mokanix APIs

With all of our SIMs we offer APIs allowing you to get even more control over your network and ultimately over your devices. Our basic APIs offer the ability to:

  • Suspend and reactivate your SIMs
  • Re-initiate network connectivity remotely
  • Get SIM location without the need for costly GPS and/or satellite visibility
  • Send SMS to the SIM – free of charge
  • … a lot more coming soon, see below for a sneak preview!


What do these APIs mean I can do?

We want our customers to have the best SIM management as possible. So we have put together a few examples of how we recommend you use our APIs


  1. Temporarily Suspending Rogue Device Connections

We know devices can sometimes go rogue and alerts sometimes just don’t catch it in time and before you know it all of your credit is gone!

Our answer to this is:

PUT `{iccid}/suspend`

Use this API to immediately suspend all data traffic on a rogue device. This monitoring can either be built into your system and if an abnormal load of data is being received you can then trigger the suspension of a SIM using the API. This automation can save you waking up and turning on your laptop and noticing your entire network is offline because of one rogue device.

Naturally this would also lend its hand to predictive modelling, allowing software to use this API to suspend SIMs before they become rogue. You could even go a step further and issue an SMS command from the network to roll out an update to fix the new device and then reactivate the SIM. We will cover this in SMS commands.


  1. Reboot a device’s connection remotely

If you have noticed your device has gone silent for a couple of days. The last thing you want to do, especially if your SIM is out in the field, is have to locate the device and hit the reset button.

We have a nice little trick up our sleeve for helping resolve this issue to help devices re-establish a connection. Reboot your SIM remotely using our REBOOT API. For this there is no need to input any extra configuration into your hardware and no extra code to add into your software. Simply call the mokanix reboot API on your SIM.

This temporary disables your connection and then re-establishes the connection with the best network available to the SIM.

POST ‘{iccid}/reboot


  1. Identify and Deactivate Stolen SIMs

With installing SIMs in remote devices you run the risk of having SIMs stolen and you can end up with big bills before you even identify the SIM is being misused.

We noticed a case of this recently with an animal tracking beacon being stolen. Landing the animal charity with a huge data bill.

Through using a combination of our LOCATION and SUSPEND APIs you can create a simple system to prevent these unexpected bills. If you expect your device to remain in one locality then you can use the location API to monitor the location of your SIM and if an unexpected movement of the SIM occurs you can SUSPEND the SIM until it’s whereabouts is discovered.

GET ‘{iccid}/location


  1. SMS Commands

Built into the mokanix system is the ability to send SMS commands from the network to any of your devices. This ability to do this is built into the mokanix SIM management platform and through the SEND SMS API.

You can use these commands to trigger automated actions in your devices. Such as activating a system or restarting a device remotely.

POST ‘{iccid}/sms


  1. Restrict URL and IP address access (COMING SOON!)

Uniquely, mokanix is offering customers the ability to create and apply white and blacklist URLs to individual SIMs or groups of SIMs. These can be applied dynamically with API triggers or simply set and used across all SIMs.

The benefit of using this means your data can be used for one purpose, meaning you save all your credit for the data that matters to you and your project

There are many more ways in which you can use the data from our APIs to create advanced M2M SIM management routines. Identifying and using the device public IP address, restricting an individual SIMs data usage or restrict SIM bandwidth (coming soon).

If you are planning or already developing an IoT or M2M system and want advice on how mobile data connectivity can help you improve your system contact us. Use our free M2M and IoT Consultancy Service to help plan your IoT and M2M data connectivity.




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