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Bandwidth Control – To Throttle or Not to Throttle?

7th May 2019

In the age of LTE, 4G, and the emergence of 5G, fast cellular data speed is not a key feature for mobile carriers but a standard expectation.

As end-users of smart mobile devices, we all need that speedy connection to stream, play, and work.  When we don’t get fast speeds, we as end users often have to stop ourselves from launching our device across the room because it won’t load web pages in under 10 seconds!

So why do we want to want to introduce Bandwidth Control to mokanix SIM functionality?

Who would want their speed to be throttled by a service provider?  Absolute madness!

Bandwidth control allows project owners and developers to tighten the reins on their IoT or M2M projects. Be that in terms of how much data their devices can consume, whether that device is used by a person to send data, or installed in a location gathering data.

As we all know, not all IoT devices have the need for speed. So, the last thing you want is to see a spike on unnecessary data use for devices that should be running on dial-up speed

We have also read and heard several stories about IoT SIMs being stolen from devices and used for downloading online content and racking up enormous bills.  These types of security issues sadly do happen, and for project owners will always be a big pain.

Our bandwidth control functionality can serve as an extra layer of protection, in the event of your device or a SIM being stolen and used to download content and overuse data.  Having the ability to set how fast your SIM connection is and how much data can be used over time may just be what you need if your IoT projects have that risk of unauthorised use.

Bandwidth control, combined with our existing Suspend SIM function, can give developers and managers the peace of mind and control over cellular data connectivity and costs of IoT and M2M projects.

This additional feature is coming to mokanix SIMs globally in Q3 of 2019.

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