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Marketing a developer toolkit

24th January 2018

We are really proud of what we are building at mokanix: we have spoken to app builders, SaaS providers, managed services companies and many more who can’t wait to start developing with our SIMs and APIs.

But we are often asked that classic Lean startup question” Who is your customer and what problem are you solving for them?”

It’s easy to respond that mokanix is for software developers who need to build solutions leveraging the power and convenience of mobile data connectivity but describing the problem we are solving is more difficult to articulate.

mokanix is a toolkit

In any good toolkit there are a wide range of tools that do different things:

  • the ones you know you need
  • the ones you don’t know you need yet
  • the ones you will never use but it’s nice to know you have
  • even the ones that aren’t quite the tool you wanted… but will do the job perfectly well anyway (duct tape and tie wraps anyone?)

Explaining the benefits of a kit of parts is never going to be as easy as describing the benefits of each individual tool and yet, ironically, it’s because of this that mokanix is so powerful.

As we continue to add functionality and flexibility to mokanix the use cases will get more and more varied, but who knows what our customers will use us for? That inability to determine what our customers’ problem is doesn’t worry us, it’s what drives us.

Our customers are software developers… we have no idea what problems they are facing but mokanix is here to give them everything they need to fix it. And the next problem they get… and every one after that.


This blog post is a shortened version of a LinkedIn article posted by mokanix CEO, Stuart Mitchell.

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