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MConnected + mokanix SIM = Always Connected

7th May 2019

We always say that mokanix SIMs can be used in IoT and M2M projects of all sizes – single developer projects or enterprise solutions.

This month we are looking at how MConnected, one of the UK’s best IoT Solutions and Deployment providers, use mokanix SIMs to deliver shipping container tracking via their Asset Management service.

MConnected’s client is a global shipping solutions company who need an effective and cost-efficient way of tracking containers for an annual sports event with over a hundred million global fans.

Simple? On paper – yes.  In action – no.

One of the key things MConnected needed was to be able to monitor and track assets being shipped to multiple locations via different means of transport.

To do this right, they needed a reliable cellular data SIM to install in their trackers attached to shipping containers. These SIMs need to available to provide location on demand from wherever on the map they might currently be.

With mokanix’s ‘Always Available’ global multi-network SIMs installed in their shipping container trackers, and our readily available APIs integrated within MConnected’s asset management system, the remote monitoring and location tracking of important client assets is now performed with efficiency and ease.

No more worrying about which network can provide the most coverage globally and no more unnecessary long-term contracts with individual SIM providers.

The images below give an overview of MConnected’s Asset Management System and the location data they capture, using the mokanix SIMs and mokanix APIs they have installed in their internal systems.

Global Locations:

Global Locations Display Using mokanix SIMs

USA Locations:

USA Locations Display Using mokanix SIMs

Need a chat about your custom integrations and solutions or want an introduction to MConnected to learn more about how they use mokanix? Contact us here

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