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mokanix: In the Pipeline

25th March 2019

Innovation is at the core of mokanix.  We like to provide value to our clients and make sure our SIMs offer more than ‘normal’ IoT SIMs.

We are always open to new ideas and features and have had great conversations with developers, project owners, and businesses to find out what we can do to add more value to our services.

We’ve got a number of things in development in our labs, and here’s one to look out for: mokanix Access Control.

One of the challenges businesses of all sizes face when providing smart phones or data-connected devices to staff is unauthorised use, leading to large data bills.

We have had several requests to apply custom URL filtering (Access Control) deployed in the network layer which ensures mokanix SIMs installed in devices can only be used for their intended purpose.  For these projects, the aim of most businesses is to make sure the use of data in company-provided devices is all for work-related applications, and that the transfer of company information is kept secure.

We’re working on adding this to our API suite and SIM management portal, giving you the ability to enable and suspend access control per SIM. The feature will offer both blacklisting (where you can specify which URLs or IP addresses your SIMs cannot access) and whitelisting (where you can list the only URLs or IP addresses your SIMs can reach). Having full control over your SIMs and eliminating the need for manual configuration makes Access Control efficient and reliable.

When do we expect this to be live in your dashboard? Access Control is available for manual configuration today in beta release (please contact us for more information),  and the full feature is on-track to be delivered during Q2 of 2019.

Not long now!

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