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mokanix: In the Spotlight

25th March 2019

mokanix SIMs are packed with features that are designed to give developers, project owners, and businesses the control they need over their cellular data connections.

This month, we’re giving you a glimpse of our SIM management portal (or “the dashboard”) so you can see how you can control one or multiple SIMs within one location.

Let’s dive right in with the first page of our dashboard, which is a view of notifications, plans, and SIMs all in one.  We’ve made look and navigation simple as there’s no need to make the backend complex.  We like to make mokanix the easy component within your project.

Our SIM dashboard makes it easy to manage one or all of your SIMs in one place.  You can rename individual cards to keep track of where they are, or the project they are assigned to.  You can also perform SIM actions without having to take the SIM out of the device.

Take a look at these SIM management features:

A guide to the mokanix SIM management platform, manage your SIMs and data plans

Want to see more of how this dashboard works for prepaid ‘Developer’ or postpaid ‘Enterprise’ plans? Get in contact with us to arrange a demonstration.

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