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Our 2018 predictions

11th January 2018

2018 is a really exciting year for the mokanix team as we bring our vision to life and launch at last.  As it’s that time of year, we thought it was worth making a few predictions of our own:

#1        The ongoing march of LPWAN…

With initiatives like the thingsnetwork we expect LoRa to grow and grow through 2018.  Whether unlicensed spectrum is the right solution for wide-spread deployment of Smart Cities and other IoT concepts only time will tell

#2        … but not SigFox

interest in SigFox seems to be receding and we expect that trend to accelerate over the year.  LoRa will surely become the dominant technology until NB-IoT takes hold: in time we think NB-IoT will be the future of LPWAN

#3        Devrel will finally come of age

mokanix attended DevRelCon London in December 2017 and were struck by the passion in the industry for developer relations and yet how many companies still don’t understand its value.  With the number of startups in the space we expect developer relations to finally be taken seriously during 2018 for all our benefit

#4        Social media becomes anti-social

Seemingly triggered by Chamath Palihapitiya describing Facebook as “ripping apart the social fabric” it will be interesting to see whether society’s fascination with social media in all its forms continues unabated or the relationship starts to cool. mokanix already knows one developer with a young family who swaps his SIM into a dumbphone when he leaves the office so social media can’t intrude on his personal life.  Is this the start of the end of our social media addiction?

#5        Data security concerns continue to multiply

Starting from the Mirai botnet in late 2016, 2017 has been the year for high-profile data breaches with WannaCry crippling PCs worldwide and huge hacks of Uber, Equifax and others.  2018 started with news about chip vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown so it seems there are a lot more scary headlines coming this year.  Security continues to be the number one priority that needs to be designed in from the outset

#6        It’s time for mokanix

The most exciting thing for us in 2018 is our official launch which is slated for early April.  We will be out and about meeting as many people we can both before and after we go live but our potential is as big as your imagination… and that’s exhilarating for us

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