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Smart Metering Using mokanix SIMs To Generate Savings

25th March 2019

With the goal of offering more tailored Gas and Electric packages and solutions to their business clients, an energy broker from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK has rolled out smart metering services to thousands of business clients, and has now added mokanix SIMs at the heart of their installed devices.

The Problem:

  1. Decide which provider to go with, for SIM Cards that are reliable for connectivity across various locations with the UK
  2. Find a way to manage all the SIM cards and be able to monitor their connection, data usage, and status

The Solution:

The energy broker works by installing their own “over the top” metering to monitor customer usage, so they can advise on the most appropriate tariff and identify wastage as a service to their customers. Their standard meters come equipped with RJ45 ethernet sockets but copper network cables are increasingly hard to find.  Wifi is unreliable to use because corporate passwords change frequently. The energy broker needed their own, reliable internet connectivity to ensure they provided service to their customers.

Before they started working with mokanix SIMs, the energy broker purchased prepaid SIMs: trying one bought from every UK mobile network one-by-one until they found the operator most appropriate for each site. Even after installation the headaches didn’t stop, because ensuring prepaid SIMs are kept topped up is time consuming and difficult to manage.

One of the key features of mokanix SIMs is Multi-Network Connectivity making it an easy choice for this customer to ensure their smart meters are “Always Available” regardless of where they are deployed in the UK. mokanix SIM cards can connect to whichever cellular network is strongest without any special configuration or programming applied, saving our energy broker a lot of time and hassle figuring out which individual service provider is best.

Our client was able to track their SIM performance, view last activity, oversee data consumption, and resolve monthly bills within the mokanix central SIM management portal. Remotely having full control over all their SIM cards within their smart meter devices gave our clients the reassurance of optimal service delivery wherever their customer may be.

mokanix were also able to create a customised pricing plan, which gives the energy broker the best possible return on investment while ensuring their costs are predictable.

The Result:

Our B2B energy broker has efficiently rolled out and installed smart meters across all their customer sites, where they have tracked energy use for 18 months.

Our client’s end users benefit from better customer service and cost savings based on the data gathered from the smart devices and energy usage recommendations provided.

When your project needs reliable data connectivity use mokanix

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