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Suspend SIMs with mokanix APIs

7th May 2019

We’ve all seen or heard this before…cellular data devices going rogue wreaking havoc within IoT or M2M projects.

What can make this scenario worse is if your device is located hours away or in a different county where it will take you over a day to get to and your device is racking up data charges while going off the rails!

Is there someone local near your device you can contact?

Can you drive any faster to get there sooner?

Where is that ‘teleport’ technology when you need it?

Luckily, with your good judgment and wise project decision, you have a mokanix SIM installed in all your devices and the SUSPEND SIM function in your dashboard can stop this rogue device from destroying your collected data or seriously denting your budget.

Turning your SIM off, for any reason, is certainly a good feature to have for any IoT or M2M project – giving you control over data sending, data collection, and data connectivity costs.

What’s even better is mokanix’s SUSPEND function does not permanently terminate your SIM but it works like a switch where you can turn your SIM and cellular data connectivity on and off as needed, taking away that future feeling of regret for killing an amazing global SIM unnecessarily.

How easy is it to Suspend a mokanix SIM?


Here’s your step-by-step:

  1. Through your SIM Management Portal a.k.a Dashboard

suspending SIMs with mokanix - 1

You can view all your SIMs whether they are Active, Suspended, or Inactive (shipping state) and can quickly make changes to individual SIMs by either

  • Clicking on Manage my SIMs button or
  • Clicking directly on My SIMs on the left navigation bar
  1. When you get to your SIMs page, you will see all your SIM cards in one view and be able to select quick actions from the options to the right-hand side of your SIM
  2. To SUSPEND your SIM, select Manage SIM and click SUSPEND where it indicates Toggle SIM activity. 
  3. When your page updates you should see your SIM status change and the button to activate your SIM will be available.
  4. You can now relax and breathe a little knowing that your rogue device will not eat into your cellular data or send invalid information back to your project base. BUT don’t forget you can also trigger the suspend function at any time using our REST API for seamless integration into your application.

Need more help using mokanix SIMs and our rest APIs in your project? Get in touch!

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