Getting started with mokanix

What you get

High quality multi-network M2M SIM cards (micro/nano/standard)

Worldwide credit to get you started anywhere in the world

Purchase Your SIMs Now


Full control over which countries you want your SIMs to be active in.

Auto network switching SIMs, always giving your the best connection.

Access to APIs to embed into your applications for dynamic SIM management.

All Plans

Active devices

Each active SIM has a monthly line rental charge.


Pooled Credit

On any plan, no matter how many SIMs, all of your credit is pooled across however many SIMs you have.

No added fee




Top up your balance any time with a developer plan. You can set-up alarms to ensure you account never runs out of credit so your SIMs keep working.

Pricing per MB

Be charged per MB and change your coverage in realtime.

Zone Pricing per MB
Zone 1 £0.50
Zone 1-2 £1.00
Zone 1-3 £3.00
Zone UK Single £0.05
Zone UK Multi £0.20
Zone US Multi £0.05
Zone US & EU £0.20
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Pre-paid monthly plans

Know how much data you are going to use every month? Pre-purchase monthly data plans and share your data across ALL your SIMs for more cost-effective deployment

Select a plan that suits you

With 7 different zones and a range of data package sizes, you can select the one that suits the coverage and amount of data you need. You can increase or decrease your plan according to your needs.

Change zone

Want to find out more? Contact us and we will get you started.


Worldwide Coverage

Operate in 7 different zones

We manage 7 different zones of coverage for you to operate your devices in. Scaling your operations? Not a problem, change your coverage zone when you need to.

Zone 1 Zone 1-2 Zone 1-3 UK single UK multi US multi US & EU
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