Cost-Effective Corporate Mobile VPN

There will for ever be concerns regarding privacy of sensitive corporate data when the workforce is accessing them remotely. Large enterprises are increasingly allowing their employees to work remotely but keeping data secure can be an issue when accessed remotely. Using mokanix VPN capabilities you can restrict access to the VPN when an employee is not at work to restrict them from using the VPN connection in their personal time.

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Secure Single-Use SIM

Suppose you are an app developer seeking highest possible secure access to your own service or a 3rd party service from a device. You also want to ensure that the SIM card(s) cannot be used for other purposes, ensuring your end customer is not abusing your data.

All Around Control

Gig Economy

With “gig economy” services often requiring the user/worker to download a mobile application and make use of their own mobile data it is posing a barrier to entry for lots of qualified workers. This is preventing expansion in key markets. mokanix allows a “gig economy” service provider to alleviate this barrier by allowing them to offer controllable mobile data integrated into their application.

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Workforce Management

When managing a mobile workforce you can run into all sorts of productivity issues, especially when providing them with paid for data. Manage your workforce data connectivity with mokanix API and get the added bonus of gaining valuable telemetry that would normally increase costs further.

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Reliable Smart Metering

Traditional smart meters require Ethernet LAN connectivity which in some environments is unavailable or the customer may be against the meter using their internet connection. When deciding to put mobile data connectivity into devices like this it is important to ensure that wherever your customer is you can get them connected. A multi-network SIM from mokanix can do this switching between the operators with the best coverage in the area.

Smart Meter

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