Cost-Effective Corporate Mobile VPN

There will for ever be concerns regarding privacy of sensitive corporate data when the workforce is accessing them remotely. Large enterprises are increasingly allowing their employees to work remotely but keeping data secure can be an issue when accessed remotely. Using mokanix VPN capabilities you can restrict access to the VPN when an employee is not at work to restrict them from using the VPN connection in their personal time.

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The Client & The Problem

A large enterprise with a highly mobile work force or provides a flexible working environment allowing members of staff to occasionally work remotely.

  • Concerns regarding privacy of sensitive corporate data, particularly when accessed by remote employees.
  • desire to implement mobile VPN in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • Concerns over cost of international data while travelling overseas.
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Where mokanix Can Help

  • mokanix multi-network SIM mifi devices have “always-available” connectivity attaching to whichever network serves their current location, improving employee productivity and increasing convenience.
  • mokanix zone 1 data pool provides predictable pricing with mobile data shared efficiently between high and low users.
  • mokanix bandwidth control ensures mobile data pool is not “wasted” when corporate wifi is available leading to cost saving.
  • mokanix secure VPN provides full protection to ensure corporate data is private and protected and corporate VPN resources are used as efficiently as possible by tearing down connections when not required.
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The Solution Design

  1. Mobile employees issued with mokanix multi-network SIM mifi devices to tether to on mokanix zone 1 data pool.
  2. ID card System used as event trigger for mokanix API calls
  3. Employees in office:
    • mokanix bandwidth control = near-zero
    • mokanix secure VPN connection removed
  4. employees leave the office:
    • mokanix bandwidth control = full
    • mokanix secure VPN connection initiated

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