Gig Economy

With “gig economy” services often requiring the user/worker to download a mobile application and make use of their own mobile data it is posing a barrier to entry for lots of qualified workers. This is preventing expansion in key markets. mokanix allows a “gig economy” service provider to alleviate this barrier by allowing them to offer controllable mobile data integrated into their application.

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The Client & The Problem

In key expansion markets mobile data costs are a barrier to workers signing up. This has a negative impact on the “gig economy” service provider as they suffer from a lack of sign up with regards to workers. This in turn can result in poor service to end users. A “gig economy” service provider would never be able to issue it’s workers with a SIM to use for only their application as it is likely to be abused and their is no way easily lock down that SIM.

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Where mokanix Can Help

  • mokanix SIMs provide cost-effective pooled data access with global reach so target geographies are available without the need for local access or third-party SIMs
  • mokanix URL filter API ensures SIM cannot be used for non-company purposes protecting costs
  • mokanix bandwidth control API provides further protection to app updates etc. are not performed when the SIM is unavailable
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The Solution Design

  1. mokanix SIMs are acquired and issued to prospective new workers by the service provider
  2. worker changes app status on ‘on-shift’
  • mokanix bandwidth control API dials bandwidth up to maximum
  • mokanix URL filter API adds access Google Maps and other essential URLs
  1. worker changes app status on ‘off-shift’
  • mokanix bandwidth control API dials bandwidth down to near-zero
  • mokanix URL filter API gives access only for registration/on-shift notification

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