Reliable Smart Metering

Traditional smart meters require Ethernet LAN connectivity which in some environments is unavailable or the customer may be against the meter using their internet connection. When deciding to put mobile data connectivity into devices like this it is important to ensure that wherever your customer is you can get them connected. A multi-network SIM from mokanix can do this switching between the operators with the best coverage in the area.

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The Client & The Problem

Energy/Utilities brokers assisting customers with choosing and switching to the most cost-effective tariff and managing overall utility use via smart meters can’t always get a connection via LAN connectivity. This can be due to a number of reasons.

  • Traditional smart meters require Ethernet LAN connectivity which is often unavailable.
  • Mobile operator coverage varies from location to location.
  • Prepaid SIMs are fiddly to procure and keep topped-up
  • No suitable postpaid SIM tariffs are available
  • No centralised SIM usage management
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Where mokanix Can Help

  • mokanix multi-network SIMs have “always-available” connectivity attaching to whichever network servers their current location, improving employee productivity and increasing convenience.
  • mokanix secure VPN provides full protection to ensure app data is private and protected.
  • mokanix SIM management portal and cost effective data pools provides full control over SIM usage and other essential API SIM controls.
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The Solution Design

  1. Each smart meter is installed and fitted with a mokanix multi-network SIM.
  2. mokanix secure VPN is applied.

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