Secure Single-Use SIM

Suppose you are an app developer seeking highest possible secure access to your own service or a 3rd party service from a device. You also want to ensure that the SIM card(s) cannot be used for other purposes, ensuring your end customer is not abusing your data.

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The Client & The Problem

When providing a device with a SIM card in to anyone there is always the risk that if it is mismanaged there are an abundance of problems that can come your way.

  • concerns over security of data
  • requirement to remove access via public Internet
  • need to prevent costs from unauthorised use
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Where mokanix Can Help

  • mokanix multi-network SIMs have “always-available” connectivity attaching to whichever network serves their current location, improving employee productivity and increasing convenience
  • mokanix URL filter API ensures settings can be changed immediately to match updates to the app without any manual intervention or additional cost
  • mokanix secure VPN provides full protection to ensure app data is private and protected
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The Solution Design

  1. user requiring access to secure application are issued with mokanix multi-network SIM
  2. mokanix secure VPN is used to tunnel data between the app developer and mokanix
  3. mokanix secure VPN is also used to ensure data from the mokanix multi-network SIM is tunnelled to provide complete end-to-end security
  4. as an additional security measure, the app developer’s firewall is configured to only allow access to mokanix
  5. mokanix URL filter API is used to lock issued SIM cards to only those required to operate the app concerned

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