Workforce Management

When managing a mobile workforce you can run into all sorts of productivity issues, especially when providing them with paid for data. Manage your workforce data connectivity with mokanix API and get the added bonus of gaining valuable telemetry that would normally increase costs further.

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The Client & The Problem

A work force service provider with remote workers provides customers with employees who provide customer assistance at their houses. They suffer from low productivity and increased costs from mobile data connectivity and vehicle telemetry costs.

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Where mokanix Can Help

Using the mokanix APIs you can regularly perform a location dip on the worker’s location to ensure they are where they should be and you can also monitor and control their data connectivity restricting it to only the necessary business applications.

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The Solution Design

  • mokanix multi-network SIMs have “always-available” connectivity attaching to whichever network serves their current location, improving employee productivity and increasing convenience
  • mokanix location API ensures workers are where they should be without the need for expensive vehicle telemetry

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